400L Gin Alcohol Copper Distillation Equipment

Pear-shaped helmet with thermometer and sight glasses
Copper Pot - Ø 900 mm; 3-4 mm strong
Filling capacity 400 liters
Full capacity about 500 liters
Inlet diameter 400 mm
Side-mounted special distillation column
Outlet Ø 200 mm with ball valve 4"
Newly crafted plates for enhanced aroma quality
The water bath is entirely made of stainless steel and insulated
Shaped helmet: with stainless steel flange connection, no visible screws or washers inside and outside, with sight glass and thermometer.
Indirect heating: steam bath covered and insulated with stainless steel.
Copper Super Aromatics (Special Distillation Column) 450 mm Ø with 3 Blisters
Bubbling: a new structure that increases the turbulent motion of copper surfaces and liquids
The liquid level on the distillation tray can be adjusted freely – the alcohol content and aroma of the mash can be adjusted flexibly. Include a pre-condenser (fractionator) in the head of the column
Inspection mirrors: 4 125mm Ø viewing windows for each blister and mash return
Stainless steel condenser: V4A material, diameter 220mm, height 1500mm, automatic cooling with thermostatic control valve
Safety features: overflow, vacuum circuit breaker, pressure gauge, automatic exhaust, steam trap and dirt filter. Alcohol pipe, distilled water, outflow device of water outlet: completely made of stainless steel.
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