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Warsha N.V.

Kwattaweg 212-214, Pramaribo, Beniespark, Paramaribo
Warsha N.V. is a leading company in Suriname that provides a wide range of services in the fields of engineering, construction, and project management. Established in 2004, Warsha N.V. has grown to be...

Ronan's Trading N.V.

Anamoestraat 57 verl Tourtonnelaan, Noord, Paramaribo
Our company was founded in 1986 by Mr. Robby Nannan and Ms. Theresa Nannan-Charran, to serve the community as a trade organisation. In 1992 the company became a wholesaler, selling building materials ...

Subema N.V.-Surinaamse Beton Mortel Maatschappij

Saramaccastraat 65, Centrum, Paramaribo
Subema N.V.-Surinaamse Beton Mortel Maatschappij is a leading provider of concrete and mortar products in Suriname. The company has been in operation since 1965, providing quality products to the cons...

Chen Yu Ming Trading

Gompertsstraat 55, Noord, Paramaribo
Chen Yu Ming Trading is a family-owned business based in Suriname. Established in 1986, the company has grown to become one of the leading providers of high-quality products and services in the countr...

Lim's Bouwmaterialen

Gompertstraat 72, Paramaribo
Lim's Bouwmaterialen is a family-run business located in Suriname, providing building materials to customers throughout the country. Founded in 1997, Lim's has a long-standing reputation for providing...

Sewnath B Firma

Rust en Vredestraat 80, Centrum, Paramaribo
Sewnath B Firma is a leading manufacturing and engineering company in Suriname that has been operating since the early 2000s. They specialize in producing and supplying industrial and mechanical produ...

Jahi Groothandelscentrum in Bouwmaterialen N.V.

Kwattaweg 681, Wanica, West, Paramaribo
Jahi Groothandelscentrum in Bouwmaterialen N.V is Suriname's leading supplier of building materials. Established in 1966, the company has grown to include more than 10 branches across the country, pro...

King Panel PVC Building Systems

Jakob Reintjestraat 13, Paramaribo
King Panel PVC Building Systems in Suriname is a company that specializes in providing high quality, durable and cost effective PVC building solutions. They offer a wide range of products and services...

Malhoe A

Rust en Vredestraat 103-105, Centrum, Paramaribo
Malhoe A is a leading company in Suriname that has been providing quality products and services for over 30 years. The company specializes in a range of industries such as construction, engineering, s...

Hi-Lo Yzerhandel en Bouwmaterialen

Verlengde Gemenelandsweg 109, West, Paramaribo
Hi-Lo Yzerhandel en Bouwmaterialen is a leading supplier of building materials and steel in Suriname. We are dedicated to providing quality products and services to our customers, while always putting...

Lavera N.V. Bouwmaterialen

Kwattaweg 124, Centrum, Paramaribo
Lavera N.V. Bouwmaterialen is a leading construction material supplier in Suriname. Established in 1988, they have been providing quality materials for building projects for over 30 years. Lavera offe...

Lincoln N.V. Bouw & Schilderbedrijf

Jan Besar Samo Rebostraat 74, Noord, Paramaribo
Lincoln N.V. Bouw & Schilderbedrijf is a well-known construction and painting company in Suriname that has been in business since 1983. With decades of experience in the industry, they offer a wide ra...

Shani's Bouwmarkt

Anamoestraat / Fred O'Kirkstraat 19, Paramaribo
Shani's Bouwmarkt is one of the leading home improvement stores in Suriname. Founded by Ravindra Shani in 1985, Shani's Bouwmarkt has grown from a small local store to a large business, providing a wi...

Atas Technische Handel

Kristalstraat 49, Noord, Paramaribo

Builders Square N.V.

Zwartenhovenbrugstraat / Prinsenstraat, Paramaribo

Caribbean Equipment & Business CEB

Nieuwweergevondenweg br 575, Kwatta, Paramaribo
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